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Membership Handbook

This booklet is intended to familiarize you with the S-KIMOS SKI CLUB and the advantages of becoming a member. The procedures and rules evolved from past experience, but new ideas are always welcome. The operation of the Club is a cooperative effort and requires the ideas and help of each member.

As a prospective member, our purpose should be most important to you. We provide an organization where you can meet people and involve yourself in a broad range of athletic and social experiences. We are a community comprised of many different people whose goal is to have fun. We are not just a guest house.

It is important that you realize that a Club, such as ours, does have members whose viewpoints differ. The information you will read later in this handbook, in our constitution, newsletter and elsewhere is geared toward creating continuity throughout the Club. The rules and regulations that exist within the structure of S-KIMOS SKI CLUB have been developed through the past forty-five years.


The S-KIMOS SKI CLUB was founded in December, 1956 by ski- minded employees of the General Electric Company in Lynn, Massachusetts. The Club was incorporated in 1960 and the Lodge was purchased the same year in Jackson, New Hampshire. Club members had rented this Lodge the previous season and prior to that a Lodge in Freyburg, Maine for the 1958-59 season.

Since the purchase of the Lodge, there have been many changes and improvements. The Party Room and the three bedrooms on the second floor were added in 1971-72. A new social storage room, supply closet and a bathroom were added to the party room in 1982 On the 2nd floor, a new women's bathroom was completed in the Fall, 1987. Other recent improvements is a new chimney and high-tech. smoke/fire alarm system that was completed in the Summer, 1991, a revamped fire exit system, new men's bathrooms in 1998, and complete redecoration of party room & upstairs bedroom in 2003. The women's single bathroom was rebuilt in 2004. 

The S-KIMOS SKI CLUB has approximately 150 members. The maximum number of "A" Members is limited to 80. The balance of the membership is made up of Affiliate, Race and Alumni Members. The majority of our members are from the Greater Boston area.

During the winter season, we arrange for cooks on Saturday nights. For a nominal fee (paid to the reservationist), a family style dinner is served. The Lodge has 20 rooms, 12 of which are bedrooms on the second and third floors. The bedrooms accommodate between 4 and 9 people, dormitory style. A lobby, large fireplace living room, kitchen, party room and socializing room with a bar are located on the first floor. The Lodge is available for year-round use by Members (only "A" Members have Lodge keys)

Our governing body is an Executive Board comprised of elected and appointed members. The Executive Board meets monthly. General Membership Meetings are held in the Boston area during the months of Nov, Dec, April and May. Special Meetings may be held during the winter at the ski lodge, after Sat dinner.

All members are encouraged to attend these General Meetings. The S-KIMOS year concludes at our Annual Banquet in April/May when new Officers are installed. The Club is a Non-Profit Organization and is affiliated with the Eastern Inter-Club Ski League (EICSL), of New England. EICSL is a council serving thirty four clubs, most of which are located in the Mt. Washington Valley Area in New Hampshire.   


Activities are conducted from the Lodge in Jackson, New Hampshire and in the Greater Boston area.
Winter Skiing (both Nordic and Alpine), Snowboarding, Skating, Ski Instruction, Inter- and Intra-Club Racing, Apres Ski Parties and Socializing, Moon-lit Cross Country, Sleding.
Spring Skiing (around the bare spots!), Work Weekends, Annual Banquets (also Inter- and Intra-Club), Inter-Club Racing, Apres, Ski and Winter Night Parties
Summer Luau Weekend, Summer Club Weekends, Golf, Hiking, Canoeing, Softball, Biking, Tubing down the river, Swimming
Fall New Members' Weekend, Work Weekends, Lobster Fest, Hiking, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Inter-club Fall Forum, Annual Tennis or Racquetball Party


The S-KIMOS Lodge is situated in Jackson, New Hampshire, in the heart of the White Mountains. We are ten minutes from Wildcat, Cranmore and Attitash Mountains and only five minutes from Black Mountain. Bretton Woods and Sunday River are a forty-five minute drive. For those who like to cross-country ski, the Jackson Ski Touring Center is ‘around the loop’ within easy walking distance.

Within walking distance of the Lodge, you can find the Jack Frost Ski Shop, Yesterday's Restaurant, the Wildcat Tavern, a general store and a gas station. Also within walking distance are an ice skating rink, horseback riding, tennis courts (for a fee), softball field and an 18 hole public golf course. No other ski club in the area can offer such convenience.


Jackson Village, New Hampshire is approximately 145 miles north of Boston. There are two main driving routes:

1. Take Rte 1 or 128 to Rte 95 North to Portsmouth, NH - Bear left onto the Spaulding Turnpike and Rte 16 - Follow Rte 16 (about 80 miles) to  Conway where Rte 16 turns left - Continue on Rte 16 through North Conway towards Bartlett - Rte 16 turns right and Rte 302 is straight ahead - Follow Rte 16 (about 2 miles) to Jackson Village Loop and go right over the covered bridge  - The Lodge is one-half mile ahead on the right.

2. Take Rte 93 North into New Hampshire - Take Exit #23 onto Rte 104 - Follow Rte 104 into Meredith - Go left onto Rte 3 and one-half mile later - Right onto Rte 25 - Stay on Rte 25 to Ossipee where Rte 25 joins Rte 16 - Go left onto Rte 16 and follow directions to Conway from above..


The S-KIMOS SKI CLUB is always striving for quality and compatibility within our membership. People who are willing to participate and be active are, of course,the most desirable members. We realize that not everyone has equal time to devote to the Club, but is is expected that when you do participate, you understand and follow the Club rules.

Getting to know the Executive Board Members, attending Club functions and meeting current members are, in general, the first steps for membership. As membership is not automatic, the Executive Board will review each application individually.

Some questions the Board may ask when considering a new member are:

In some cases the Executive Board may find it necessary to table an application. This is not a reflection on you. If the Executive Board does not feel that we are a good match, an application would simply be rejected. There are various reasons an application might be tabled. The usual reason for tabling an application is that the applicant is not known to enough members, especially the Executive Board. If your application is tabled, please, continue to participate in our activities. The Membership Chair-person will contact you and let you know why your acceptance has been postponed and how you may speed your acceptance into the Club.

Note that all applications must be accompanied by a recent photograph or membership cannot be considered.

"A" Members No additional Lodge fees. First priority for winter room reservation, optional permanent room assignment, lodge key and full voting privileges at all General Meetings. EISCL Membership ID.
Affiliate Members Second priority for winter room reservation, EISCL Membership ID. No key privilege.
Additional overnight fees are applicable as stated in our constitution & bylaws.


Guests must be at least 21 years old and be sponsored by a Member (Limit 3 guests per Member per weekend). Additional overnight fees are applicable as stated in our constitution & bylaws. Guests have no membership privileges per se.


Each Member receives a monthly newsletter, The IGLOO ENQUIRER. The cost of publication is included in the Club dues. Non-Members may subscribe to the IGLOO  ENQUIRER for a fee of $25.00 per year. The newsletter is available for download from the web site..

The ENQUIRER publishes informative little nuggets on just about everything you would want or need to know about the Club. This includes, but is not limited to the upcoming schedule of events and articles on past functions. The ENQUIRER is headed by the Publications Chair-person who is always looking for articles written for and by Club Members and Guests. Feel free to volunteer.


A copy of the S-KIMOS SKI CLUB, INC. application is available for download. When applying for Membership, remember to have two sponsors sign your application. Send the application, with a recent photograph of yourself along with a check in the appropriate amount for the Membership you desire. Rates for Membership Dues and Guest Fees are listed on the costs table.
The following is a list of guidelines and Club rules to help you participate in Club activities and enjoy your stay at the Lodge.

1. Parking - You may park in front of or behind the Lodge as long as you do not block the front porch stairs. No parking is allowed on the street during winter nights per Town of Jackson ordanance. If parking is not available at the Lodge, park either at the Grammar School or at the Town Hall lot, just a short walk from the Lodge.

2. Room Assignments & Lodge Fees - Room assignments are posted on the board in the front hall next to the door. Assignments are for a particular room, not a specific bunk. All fees (room and meals) for members and their guests should be paid to the Reservationist or designee, either though an envelope in the fornt desk on Friday evening, or on Saturday night right after dinner. Sponsors must pay the guest fees of their Guests.

3. Ski Storage - Skis should be stored in the basement area. Please, take skis in and out through the cellar bulkhead on the right side of the Lodge only. No skis are allowed through the front door! The ski workshop in the basement is available on a first-come, first-served basis, except on race weekends when the Race Chair-person may schedule its use. At the end of the ski season, all ski equipment and your personal belongings should be removed from the Lodge and brought home.

4. Showers - Since shower rooms are limited, you must be considerate of others who might be waiting. Please, take quick showers and do not use the bathrooms as dressing rooms or make-up centers.

5. Inter-Club Parties - Each weekend during the ski season, there are usually several EICSL sponsored parties; a Saturday Apres-Ski (4pm - 7pm) and either one or two evening parties (9pm - 1am) at various ski clubs in the Mt. Washington Valley. You may attend any of these EICSL sponsored functions by showing your EICSL Card or EICSL Guest Pass and the appropriate party invitation. These invitations are only available at the Lodge from our EICSL representatives or designees. Current information about weekend activities is usually posted on the bulletin board in the front hall.

6. Use of Common Areas - Guests may use the first floor common areas for socializing. The Party Room is available unless it is being prepared for a meal or scheduled party. Please read the instructions on the sound system before using it or ask for help. The volume must be kept low after 11pm (except during special party nights) so people may sleep. Feel free to use the living room fireplace. Firewood is stored in the basement. Please, keep the mesh firescreen in place at all times. The last person to leave the living room must close the glass doors on the fireplace. When using the kitchen, please, clean up after yourself; do not leave anything in the sink; wash/dry and put away what you use.

7. Safety - The Lodge is equipped with high-tech Smoke/Fire Alarm System and also we have fire extinguishers strategically located through out the Lodge. Each bedroom has a specific escape routes posted. A first aid kit is located on a shelve in the kitchen. Make it a point to familiarize yourself with these items. Fireplace: please keep the mesh firescreen in place at all times. The last person to leave the living room must close the glass doors on the fireplace.

8. Chores - Because we are a volunteer organization, everyone pitches in to help clean the Lodge at the end of each weekend. You are expected to clean up your portion of your bedroom, and in addition, a list of particular jobs is posted each weekend. If we are hosting a party, a separate chore list will be posted for the party.

9. Cohabitation - Cohabitation in the Lodge is not permitted.

10. Conduct/Restrictions - Persons under 21 years of age and pets are prohibited from the Lodge unless authorized by the Executive Board. Firearms and illegal drugs are prohibited at all times. Conduct in the Lodge and parties must be kept within reasonable limits. Since alcoholic beverages are available at most functions, please, use them in moderation and be very careful when driving after a function. Don't drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you want to party late, please respect the wishes of those who are trying to sleep. Limit your activities. Also, pets are not allowed in the lodge at any time.

11. No Smoking Permitted - There should be no smoking in the club. Exceptions are permitted at the discretion of tehe Board only during special events in the first floor common areas.   

12. Bedroom Manners - Our bedrooms will accommodate a range from two to eight people to a room. Because our member's time schedule for going to bed varies so much,it is very important to be respectful and courteous to members that are sleeping. When entering a bedroom where others are sleeping, use low light and move about quietly. It is a good idea to set out bed clothes, or next day's apparel in the early evening, before going out for the evening. By doing this, minimum of movement is necessary at bedtime or arising. Blow-drying should be restricted to the Bathroom only.

13. Heating - The main thermostat is located on the first floor, behind the bar.  It is set to 55F during the week and up to 68F on weekends. If several people are going to be at the club during the week, it is permissible to raise the temperature up to a maximum of 68F.To insure proper air flow, please keep all doors on the first floor closed.

14. Food, Fridge - Members that bring food may store it in the fridge. The fridge is shared by the members, club and our cooks. Please put your food on the appropriate shelves and take any unused items with you when you leave.

15. Food, Dry Goods - Members that bring food that shouldn’t be stored in the fridge (bread, cereals) may store it on the counter tops. Please take any unused items with you when you leave.

16. Private Property - Please respect the personal property of the members at all times.

We hope you enjoy your weekend and our S-KIMOS hospitality. Hope to see you "Up North" real soon!

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