Reservations are required to stay overnight at the club.  Reservations are made online by providing the information required by the reservations system.  Members may make a reservation for a particular room, but not a specific bed in that room.  Beds are on a first come, first serve basis. (see below for lower bunk priority) If a room is overbooked Reservations are prioritized by: 

Any member who makes a reservation for themselves or for a guest is responsible for all overnight and/or meals fees incurred and for paying them by Saturday evening.  If you need to cancel your room and/or meal reservation, you must do so by 12 noon Thursday.  Failure to cancel will make you liable for payment of meal fees, and/or overnight fees if anyone is denied a reservation due to a full house.

Preference for lower bunks shall be given the A and Affiliate members on Friday nights.  Race, Alumni, Guests and Prospective Members may only claim a lower bunk if there are fewer “A” and Affiliate members signed up than the number of lower bunks in that room.  If the lower bunks are still unclaimed by Saturday night, the member or Guest may move to a lower bunk

A member may visit the club on a weekend without having made a reservation; but only if:

1. There is an empty bed available.

2. Said member without reservation must take a top bunk if all lower bunks in the room are already booked even if the bunks have not yet been claimed by those who have made reservations. If the lower bunks are still unclaimed by Saturday night, the member without reservation may move to a lower bunk.


When you make your reservation, please provide this information

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